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We have a minimum charge of $400 for 2 hours. If additional service times are required, it is $150 per hour after the initial 2 hours. 


                                                                                                                                                    Price per person

Sandwich/Entree, Chips and Drink                                                                                                           $10

Sandwich/Entree, Side and Drink                                                                                                              $11

Sandwich/Entree, Side, Drink and Dessert                                                                                             $12

Appetizer, Sandwich/Entree, Side, Drink, and Dessert                                                                        $15


SANDWICHES/ENTREE (Choose 3, Choose 4 for 150 guests or larger event)

Buca-Wich (Choose flavor/s)

-Cajun Steak                   -Italian Sausage

 -Meatball                        -Cajun Chicken

 -Crawfish                        -Tuna Salad

 -Chicken Salad

Smothered Nachos (choose a flavor/s)

-Cajun Steak

-Italian Sausage

-Cajun Chicken

Fried Egg

BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato)

Grilled Cheese

Custom Entrée


SIDES (choose 1)

-Potato Salad              

-Cucumber Pasta Salad

-Macaroni Salad

-Custom Side


DESSERTS (choose 1)

Cheesecake Cups



Carrot Cake

Texas Brownies

Graduation Sheet Cake

Appetizers (choose 1-2)

Ham/Turkey Pinwheels

Brown Sugar Smokies

Stuffed Potato Bites

BBQ Meatballs


Chicken Salad Filo Cups

Pickle Roll-ups

Mini Sandwiches (Ham, Turkey, or Roast Beed with cheese)

Little Smokies w/bbq sauce

Meat, cheese and cracker tray

Veggie Tray


DRINKS (choose 3)

Any Coke or Pepsi product

Iced Tea


Bottled Water


Click the PDF icon to download the Food Truck menu options and pricing